Welcome to the Indie Music Trust. Here you will find all the developments and news related to my unique Indie music project and also what I hope to achieve by starting the record label. 

As a songwriter with an extensive collection of original songs I hope to be able to help grow and support local music and community projects. 

This is done by raising money from exploiting the original music donated to the Indie Music Trust. Using collaborations and single / product releases from the record label any profits from the exploitation / publishing of the songs will be used to create further awareness of products. projects and developments of the Indie Music Trust. 

The main goal is to support local music and community with the hope of eventually establishing a permanent residence within the community to provide rehearsal and recording facilities along with networking, lessons and work opportunities for musicians.

#indiemusictrust to get on board. 

Below are quick links to some of the existing albums, songs and artists currently on board. 

Please contact me here if you would like to be involved with the project on any level